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Sun 03 Mar 2024

Have you ever tried your hand at photographing a forest, and come away from that shoot disappointed and frustrated at the results?

A subset of both landscape photography and nature photography, forest photography is, as it sounds, pictures of wooded areas. It may seem simple, but it is a unique and challenging type of photography to learn and master.

Woodland-Nature Photography is one of the most difficult and challenging genres of this medium. A rainforest is generally cluttered, chaotic, and unforgiving place to capture with camera and lens. Good compositions can be challenging and difficult to configure. But this genre can also be one of the most rewarding photography genres.

If you are either a beginner looking to master the fundamentals, or intermediate photographer seeking fresh insights in capturing a rainforest with its flora and fauna, look no further than our 2-hour workshop covering this facet hosted by our professional lensman, Ray. An experienced photographer spanning more than 30 years in photo media, Ray will provide the ultimate guide to this genre.

Getting beyond the hurdles of frustration of this genre takes much patience and loads of practice, there are no ways around that adage, of practice makes perfect.

When under the canopy of a woodland area, it can be surprisingly dark. We often do not notice this due to the way our eyes adapt so well to low light situations, but unfortunately the camera is nowhere near as advanced as the human eye, particularly if you are shooting in auto!

This photography session offers a non-definitive list of tips and tricks to help with your Woodland-Nature Photography. It is the advice your tutor applies in his own style to specifically take participants to the next run of the ladder.

While a natural landscape benefits from water and spectacular light, forests are more forgiving. Grey, dull skies, and even rain soften the light and simplifies the scene. You guessed it; light is one of the vital compositional elements.

Few things are more beautiful than trees in the soft, warm light of the morning sun. Avoid the midday light that may create too much chaos with burnt-out reflexes in foliage and a cluster of black shadows.

Other factors that help increase your chances of producing good outcomes are edges, corners, and depth. The latter, such as a sense of depth, may place the definitive element in the foreground or using leading lines created by branches or fallen trees towards a backdrop.

Various topics for discussion will certainly include the choice of lens. Focal length is so much more than angle-of-view. Different focal lengths alter the compression of the scene and thereby the relationship between near and far subjects. For a composition in the forest, this relationship can mean all the difference.

Participants will also receive a digital tutorial/manual created by your host.

Port Macquarie Photography Group hopes that this session will plant a seed of inspiration for your photography passion.

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