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Sat 17 Feb 2024

Would you like to learn how to capture timeless memories of your dog to be treasured forever?

Dog Photography is a niche within a niche. So, look no further than our 3-hour session hosted by Ray, who is happy to tutor participants about the technical necessities, and what it takes to be a proficient dog photographer. This session is specifically suited for beginners or those shifting away from phone camera snapping to masterful Dog Photography using digital cameras and associated lenses.

Basically, if you love animals and have the right attitude to Dog Photography, passion-based learning allows you to practice these photography skills in real situations. With so many different types of dogs, this niche still has a huge variety of beautiful animals with differing personalities to capture in emotive photography so that it never becomes boring for the dog photographer.

For countless people, our dog is not just an animal, or simply a pet, but a member of our family or a best mate who means the world to us. Understandingly, photography plays an important role to establish timeless images.

As pet owners, we know how much luck is involved in capturing great shots. Often our dog will not sit still, or face in the right direction, and hardly has the patience to model for you. The time we have with our dogs can sometimes be the most precious moments we experience, leaving an unforgettable impression.

Dog Photography is a specialised genre, and requires certain skill sets from an easy-to-learn photography fundamentals and skills from the principles of Exposure Triangle and knowing how to use the appropriate shutter speed to get those many sharp images when your dog is chasing that ball.

In most genres of photography, the more the photographer knows about their subject matter, the better the final outcome. This is also applicable in Dog Photography.

Whilst such passion is critical for success and is essential in capturing natural images of each dog, knowing the essentials will produce good outcomes. The better the photographer understands his or her relationship with their dog, the more personality can be captured in the photography itself.

As a participant of this session, you will also receive a digital tutorial/manual created by your host.

Learn to be a masterful photographer to capture your loyal furry companion on your heart.

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